Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz

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Transcript Annulment Hearing September 28, 2007


Sam de la Cruz , Zorah's Philippines husband, petitioned a Declaration of Nullity of Marriage on August 28, 2003. After 4 years, I became aware of his petition and sent photos supplied by her lover in Netherlands along with my photos and documents.

Zorahaida, facing documented proof of simultaneous marriage to two husbands and her lover in the Netherlands -- was too embarrassed and legally unable to support a defense to deny the annulment.

Note: In RTC transcripts the court stenographer misspells the Dutch family names of Evelyn Bak and Gijsbert Bak as "Buck."


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20,000 USD check for my wife to buy a car

Zorahaida testified, under oath, a lack of financial support from Philippines husband. Let's put that in perspective. While whining "... am so broke in court." was banking funds, buying jewelry, property and not reporting my support and unexplained wealth.

Check above was towards new car never purchased. LTO records show purchase of an older used car from sister Emma much later, plate GMM-721. The car was registered to family name Ma. Zorahaida Subla -- not de la Cruz. That implies more.

Some have said Zorahaida filed taxes and properties under different names, i.e. family name and married name using different SSN's to hide wealth.

In an earlier transcript it was testified that Zorahaida: 1) Was the guarantor for SM credit cards of husband's coworkers and her untimely payments resulted in the cards not being renewed. 2) Had a 90,000 peso BIR loan without husband's knowledge, again untimely payments. 3) Never deposited funds from USA brother-in-law to pay off a PAGIBIG loan.


Transcript June 14, 2005: Addendum 1

Transcript July 4, 2007: Addendum 2