Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz

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Certification of records for incurred leaves years 2000 to 2006


Why so much time off? If an Absent, Study, Sick, Special Leave entry is not for the purpose stated ... that would be fraudulent and improper conduct of a BIR employee. Did she travel offshore during any authorized leave that was not vacation?

Certification is based on Daily Time Records issued upon the request of the Special Investigation Division in response to my request.

Banking records prove that for the years she was supposedly in law school and as my wife she committed estafa. Her sworn SALN, filed every year, begs an investigation for hidden wealth. Would an unreported 400,000 USD, cash money, raise eyebrows?

How does a bigamist and scammer remain a BIR official. Why Is she protected by her RD? There is more to the question than a quick explanation and answer. There is a smell to all of this.


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Soon: Dates of foreign travel, verified by credit and ATM card use, proven misuse of approved purpose of leave.

Next page Part 6 transcripts of a Philippine annulment hearing and lies to never being married to a man in the United States and real reasons for trips to Netherlands.