Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz

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Chief-of-Staff BIR Makati a Bigamist and Scammer


As beautiful as her most favorite blue or yellow roses can be ... use caution as stems may have thorns and things not as you see.

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose ...


This is my story of an Internet romance with a Philippines government employee gone bad. During the courtship her scamming began.

We met in 1999 on a VoIP program Firetalk. The program, enjoyed by IT people and techies, was special for it's time. After many months, beguiled by Zorah's conversations in groups, asked for her 'phone number. Then conversations were via AT&T and Smart Telecom.

Our first meeting was at JFK Airport NY. I brought her to my home in Connecticut. During her stay hosted a full Manhattan tour, theaters, World Trade Center still standing and best museums. All visits in the states I paid everything including gifts for her family.

On trips to Cebu, Zorah explaining she had a special BIR government discount, paid hotel bills at Shangri-La, Plantation Bay, Mactan and Cebu Plaza (Marco Polo), Lahuge. That gesture coupled with position at BIR office Cebu City, articles in the media and reporting directly to RD Jaime Santiago supported whatever she said as truthful.

On a 2000 trip to USA, I proposed marriage in a Tatami room at Sakura Restaurant in Westport, CT. She accepted and we planned how she could remain at her government job and continue to attend law school. We agreed to live apart sharing visits in Cebu and residence in Connecticut until Bar passing after completing law school.

Zorah failed Bar passing exams and extended another year to attend next Bar passing classes and exam again. She requested funds to bribe judges saying that was how it was done to assure passing. In retrospect, a problem -- she never attended law school.

Another delay when mother Thelma spent months in Chong Hua hospital. "Don't call my cell' as here in hospital with my father 24/7, he will get angry." Preparing for the worst, called Redemptorist Church for special Sunday Mass prayers. Every Priest said "de la Cruz who?" I called Thelma Subla aka Thelma Villacorte at Sto. Nino Finance de Cebu, and complimented her miraculous recovery.

Then the fighting began. It was the start of the "War of the roses."

Worse, weeks later my phone rang in the night, it was an Amsterdam lover demanding to know of me "who are you?" That conversation transferred to 7 hour MSN video marathon while he consumed a liter of Dutch Olifant Vodka. I suggested he transfer every picture of them together in Europe and Philippines. Which he did!

Moral of that story: Don't drink and hard drive.

Nay, after the fact, it was now clear so many magnificently staged events and scenarios had been played. I even had a tour of the gated Beverly Hills community where quote: "my parents live" and BIR office at Archbishop Reyes Avenue.

Sometime thereafter, I created a damning website named "" All of her emails boasted "I am untouchable!"  Zorah went below the radar ceasing duties as CIO and officemates directed to say she no longer worked for BIR. But she did, protected by RD Santiago. When Jaime Santiago was assigned to the National Office ... Zorah transferred to an office nearby. When Santiago was assigned RD 8-Makati she joined him. After Santiago retired. Ms. de la Cruz now COS (Chief-of-Staff) stays on often photographed with RD Valeroso and Asst. RD Dizon for the BIR Weekender Briefs.

A formal complaint was filed at Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas. The complaint has extensive photographs, documents and financial records as Case No. FF-V-13-0063.

Ms. de la Cruz is guilty of ill gained monies, unexplained wealth, bigamy and estefa. An audit of tax returns will not show it. I pray Office of Ombudsman-Visayas impose a travel ban to stop possible flight to take assets out of country.

Zorah was lead Makati presenter to International Monetary Fund representatives. IMF consultants Fischer, Ludlow, Holland, Duffus, Lawrence, Dowling, Meilley and Farr will be surprised when they read this website.

The Philippines has worked diligently to raise S&P Rating. Fitch ratings upgraded to Investment Grade, IMF and USAID consultants are happy. Why risk having Zorahaida pitching consultants? Nothing stays a secret forever and all will know of her.

How did someone of Ms. de la Cruz's background as Clerk II then CIO in Cebu, despite bigamy, scamming and estafa, rise to COS position at Makati? Why so protected and successful career path? I was told by sources in strictest confidence -- she was the go-between to accept bribes from companies seeking special tax treatment.

It would be prudent to relieve de la Cruz of COS position and assign her to sorting mail in the mail room. Past actions brought to light will only be an embarrassment if she remains COS. It is time for Zorahaida to be "thrown under the bus" and make her take the blame and protect the reputations of others. Her prosecution for corruption is inevitable.




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